ICECAPITAL’s real estate investment opportunities are focused on property construction and development through closed-end real estate private equity funds.

In 2006 we became the first Finnish real estate private equity fund to invest in Finnish residential rental properties. The ICECAPITAL real estate team combines a high level of competence with long experience in Finland.  We are committed to the long-term development of our real estate investment products through a detailed investment valuation process, extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, development knowledge and investment structuring expertise.

Our real estate private equity funds are managed by ICECAPITAL REAM Ltd which is authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority to manage alternative investments funds. The company is responsible for purchasing and selling real estate, acquiring and monitoring administration, providing financial management and rental services, and maintaining and increasing the value of the real estate.

ICECAPITAL is the manager of private equity fund ICECAPITAL Nordic Secondary Fund S.C.A., SICAR. The fund’s assets under management are approximately €50 million and the focus is to acquire secondary commitments in Nordic based private equity funds. The investment advisor for the fund is HQ Capital Private Equity LLC.