General terms and conditions pertaining to the use of the ICECAPITAL Group’s website

This page presents the general terms and conditions pertaining to the use of the ICECAPITAL Group’s website. Visiting this website means that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stated here. Therefore, we ask you to read the terms and conditions carefully. In addition to these general terms and conditions of use, the services on the website may also include other terms and conditions presented in connection with the relevant service. For example, the terms and conditions of investment funds are presented in the fund brochure.

Service providers

Additional information on the ICECAPITAL Group and the companies belonging to it (hereafter ICECAPITAL) as well as the contact information of each of these companies can be found on this website.
The contact information of other service providers can be found on the website in connection with the relevant services.

This website may contain errors

ICECAPITAL strives to provide reliable information on its website. However, we cannot guarantee that the website will not malfunction or contain erroneous information. ICECAPITAL is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by errors or deficiencies that the website may contain. This also applies when we have been informed of the error on the website.

We do not offer investments on our website

According to the law, offering most investments to the public requires the publication of an official sales or fund brochure. Investment advice also requires knowledge of the customer’s personal financial situation. The information presented on this website cannot be considered as an offer to sell or purchase investments, as investment advice or as any other form of encouragement to carry out a business transaction, unless otherwise expressly stated on the page. However, the website can be used to give general advice on investments and investment-related taxation. ICECAPITAL is not responsible for the applicability, financial result, investment risks and tax effect of the transactions carried out based on advice given.

The responsibility for investment results always lies with the customer

The historical development of investment funds or other investments is not a guarantee of how their value will develop in the future. The value of nearly all investments may decrease in unfavourable market conditions and the value of the riskiest investments may decrease significantly. The investment options offered by ICECAPITAL are not equivalent to bank deposits and are not covered by any deposit-guarantee scheme. The investor always bears the responsibility for the result, including possible losses, of his or her investment operations.

We provide services in Finland

In many countries, the marketing of investment products is restricted or requires a separate licence from the authorities of the country in question. This website and the information, products and services contained on it are exclusively intended for Finland, unless otherwise expressly stated on the website. The website is not intended for countries where it is not allowed to provide the products or services presented on it. For example, as regards investment funds, this website is only intended for countries where the fund in question can be legally marketed.

Links to websites of other service providers

This website may contain links to websites of other service providers. Obviously, we are in no way responsible for information, products or services presented on websites maintained by others.

Telephone calls and emails

All telephone conversations with ICECAPITAL may be recorded.

The confidentiality of emails sent via the internet cannot be guaranteed and, at least in theory, emails may be intercepted or counterfeited. If the leakage of confidential information is likely to cause significant damage to the sender, the sender must consider sending the information by means other than email. The message may also fail to arrive at its destination due to a spam filter, for example, or it may remain unnoticed amongst a large number of other messages. ICECAPITAL is not obliged to implement commissions or other service requests received via email, unless it has confirmed receipt of the commission. Subject to the customer’s consent, ICECAPITAL has the right to send information to the customer by email. ICECAPITAL is not responsible for damages that may occur due to sent messages.

Copyright and other rights of our website

The property right, copyright and all other incorporeal rights of this website belong to the companies of the ICECAPITAL Group or to another separately specified party. Copying (wholly or partially), publishing, saving or transferring the content of the website without ICECAPITAL’s consent is forbidden. However, this does not apply when the content is copied, saved and printed for personal use. The material may only be quoted in compliance with Finnish copyright law and the source must always be specified. Unless otherwise stated by law, using trademarks and logos without the advance written consent of ICECAPITAL is forbidden.

Applicable law and forum

In addition to these terms and conditions, Finnish law shall be applied to the use of this website even if the website is used from another country. All disputes related to this website or these terms and conditions that cannot be resolved through negotiation shall be settled by the Helsinki District Court.


By the laws of the United States of America, investment services provided to US residents (even when temporarily abroad) are restricted to only those service providers that are licenced by US authorities and are under their supervision. ICECAPITAL does not operate in the US and thus is not under the supervision of any US authority. Therefore, United States residents and entities may not purchase any mutual funds or any other products or services from ICECAPITAL. Material on this site shall not constitute an offer to provide or solicitation of any offer to purchase or sell any products or services of ICECAPITAL. Mutual funds and other products or services of ICECAPITAL are not intended for residents in the US or residents in other countries who are temporarily present in the US, or any entity organised or existing under the laws of the US or of any state, territory, or possession thereof, or any estate or trust which is subject to US tax regulations.